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It is non-invasive, simple to use, pain free, no needles and no client down time. It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life, but problem areas of the body, such as the thighs, abdomen, upper arms or chin, can be affected by the build-up of excess fat. So what should you do about it? Laser Lipo, a painless, non-invasive treatment that is suitable for both men and women, is the most popular way to remove this fat, without involving crash diets or vigorous exercise. What’s more, the results are immediate and long-lasting.



Laser Lipo is free from pain, and doesn’t involve injections or pills. At the beginning of a regular procedure, up to four pads, each containing laser diodes, are placed on the skin in the area to be treated and held secure by elastic straps. In addition, two extra laser probes onto the skin over lymphatic glands that are nearest to the area being treated. With the pads securely in position, the client is free to relax and get comfortable – it is even possible to undergo other treatments at the same time. Once the process is over – routinely it lasts between approximately 30 minutes – a short session (15-20 minutes) of cardio-vascular exercise is recommended to achieve optimum results.


Fat builds up under the skin, where it stores energy and provides insulation to the body. The purpose of Laser Lipo is to break down the fat cells, liquefy and eliminate the fat – a process known as lipolysis. Once everything is in place, the lasers emit low levels of energy that permeate the membranes of the fat cells. As a result, the cells lose their shape and fat contained within them is released, passing through the body naturally and providing a source of energy. It is only the fat cells that are treated. The skin, blood vessels and nerves are completely unaffected. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle, but Laser Lipo has the advantage of targeting specific areas the client wishes to be treated.


  • Laser Lipo is a non-invasive treatment, with no need for pills or potions
  • Completely safe, and free from pain

  • No need for crash or starvation diets, or vigorous exercise

  • Targets specific ‘problem’ areas of the body affected by the build-up of fat

  • Immediate, and long-lasting, results


Lirio Therapy is professionally insured, VTCT certificated, and registered with Bromley Council.

1 session Laser Lipo: £70

10 minutes Power Plate: £10